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Meli connects travellers and cities


Mobile Guide

Meli offers a unique App for visitors to explore cities differently. With real-time suggestions and a monument scanner, travellers can go out of the beaten tracks and discover new neighbourhoods.


Content Management

Our cloud-based platform helps partners to upload, create and manage their alternative Points Of Interest (POIs) and promote different routes and areas while integrating directly with the visitors’ app.


Share & Inspire

Partners can automatically manage their visitors flows and inform them in real-time, through the Visitors’ App in one click.


Visitor Insights

Harness the power of data to understand your visitors preferences and journeys. Fuel your mobility, crowd management and tourism strategies with Meli’s analytics.

A unique Mobile Guide

Your visitors journey has never been easier

With an all in one App, Meli is the perfect way to guide the city’s visitors. No need for technical development and maintenance, we make sure your visitors' experience is always up to date. There has never been an easier way to engage with tourists in real-time.

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Manage your content

Promote alternative neighbourhoods in one-click

Upgrade your visits suggestions, in minutes, by integrating your existing database or creating a new catalogue. Manage your urban areas while synchronising instantly and automatically with Meli’s visitors App. Promote alternative neighbourhoods and share your cultural heritage stories.

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Inform visitors in Real Time

Engage with your visitors in real time

Boost your visitors' engagement by sending push notifications with real-time recommendations based on areas’ busyness. Plug your crowd data or use Meli’s analytics to inform travellers and suggest hidden gems around them. Offer your tourists new alternative and authentic travel experiences.

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Acces visitors insight

Meli is the bridge between cities and travellers

Meli will help you harness the power of data to analyse and optimise your tourists flow management. We’re implementing Privacy by Design for both our Visitors App and Cloud-based Software. Fully GDPR compliant; Meli can provide you with various data, to carry out your mobility, crowd management and tourism strategies.

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Privacy by design

Tourists and cities’ privacy is at the heart of our mission. We have worked with a team of lawyers and privacy experts to implement Privacy By Design. This means that, both our visitors App and Cloud-hosted platform are fully GDPR compliant.


Real-time interactions

Meli uses real-time interactions between travellers and cities, in both ways. On one hand, we help cities inform and engage with visitors while getting direct insights. On the other hand, we help tourists benefit from official data to go out of the beaten tracks and uncover alternative neighbourhoods and live an authentic travel experience.


Fully On-Cloud

Meli is a cloud-hosted platform to ensure low cost installation and easy integration to all partners. Our servers are fully GDPR compliant and European based to provide maximum security and legality.


Open Source

Meli not only uses Open Source technologies to provide visitors with standard information. But we also allow cities to upload and share their open source data with those same technologies. Therefore, we contribute to Open Source projects and promote global knowledge sharing.

Use Cases


Marineterrein is a very well known spot in the city of Amsterdam. Locals usually occupy this area during summer to relax and swim. However, many of them ignore the existence of one of the most innovative hubs of the country and its living-lab. Now with Meli, anyone can scan the projects to understand their purpose.


Although people have been travelling less, due to the covid-19 pandemic, some Europeans explored, with Meli, their city, region or home country during summer 2020. More than 1000 users scanned monuments on the spot to uncover the stories behind them and learn more about their own History.


The on-going pandemic pushed local businesses to be more resilient. While many bike rental businesses were closing doors, we partnered with Amsterdam Bike Rent to help them attract customers by offering a free “monuments scanner” so they can better explore the city.